This is Maggie.

Maggie was my baby. We had her for 11 years and she never once complained about anything.

Maggie died on September 1, 2003. We like to tell her story in hopes that it will save someone else's beloved pet.

On Labor Day, we came out to the kennel to put the dogs to bed for the night. When we left the house, Steve noticed a box of cereal on the coffee table. He was going to put it away but decided to wait until we came back in. Maggie loves to eat people food, so she decided that she wanted some cereal. We are not sure if she just ran out of oxygen or if she had a heart attack, but Maggie went to Heaven that night. We tell the story because the bag wasn't tight on her face. She could have taken her face out of the bag at any time. She was enjoying herself too much to even think about it.

So, if you have anything around that your dog could put its head in, please think about it. It only takes a split second for tragedy to happen.