We do bath and nails for your pets. We give them a good scrubbing and blow dry them. We will brush them as we blow dry them.

If they are badly matted then we can not give them a bath. We take a lot of pride in bathing your dog. If you're not satisfied with the job that we have done, we will do it over. Just tell us. If you're happy about the way your dog looks and smells, you can tell us that, too.

We have purchased a Prima Bathing System for washing the dogs. It gets through the hair and makes your pet cleaner.

Bath $12.00

Nails $10.00

Bath & Nails $18.00

Baths for large long-haired dogs   $15.00 up to $18.00

Bath and nails for large long-haired dogs  $20.00 up to $25.00


The higher rate for large long-haired dogs is determined by the difficulties due to matts and lack of regular grooming.